UK Energy Sector, Current Risks and Future Challenges

By Athanasios Pitatzis Brexit probably would have several effects in the energy sector of Great Britain, but not irreversible. As far the European energy security, we believe that despite Brexit the cooperation between the United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union (EU) would deepen, because of the interdependence. Also, we want to emphasise that despite… [read more]

Statoil Business Strategy, a strategic management approach

By Athanasios Pitatzis Statoil is one of biggest National Oil Company (NOCs) (despite the fact that is listed on the largest exchange stock markets of the world, 67 % Norwegian state ownership)  in the world, but its global business operations are comparable and in some cases even better than those of the most major International… [read more]

Monetization options for Emerging and Future Gas Producers (LNG-CNG –Downstream options)

By Athanasios Pitatzis This article it was republished by OilVoice on 22th of August of 2016, The recent years many emerging gas producers are examining their options regarding the most beneficial monetization options or a combination of them for their vast gas reserves. Some emerging gas producers are Cyprus and Israel (already produces gas from… [read more]

South – East Asia LNG demand, opportunities, and risks for Global LNG Industry

By Athanasios Pitatzis This article was first published in the Summer Edition of International Petroleum Student Magazine YoungPetro,  (Pages 17-23) According to Exxon Mobil Outlook for Energy 2016 report, global demand for natural gas is seen rising by 50 percent from 2014 to 2040, faster than most other fuels and more than twice as fast… [read more]

European Gas Market: Future Challenges

By Athanasios Pitatzis The European Union has set a goal to become a fully integrated energy market in the upcoming years. For that reason, European Commission has launched a new program which it’s called European Energy Union. The main characteristics of the Energy Union according to the European Commission are: Energy security, solidarity, and trust… [read more]

Lebanon upstream future potential and challenges

By Athanasios Pitatzis Recent surveys carried out offshore of the country have reported the presence of good oil and gas reserves, which could attract foreign investments. The volatility of global prices and the future global energy mix, in which alternative energy sources will play a significant role, however, threaten the future of exploration in the… [read more]

Global Future Energy Mix, Fossil Fuels vs Alternative Sources of Energy

By Athanasios Pitatzis It was first on OilVoice at 9th of June 2016, U.S Energy Information Administration (EIA) Estimations In the report International Energy Outlook 2016 U.S Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts that the main factors that can affect the future global energy mix are: Economic growth in key economies (China, Brazil, Russia, among others). Implementation… [read more]

Porter’s Five Forces Model for Oil and Gas Industry

By Athanasios Pitatzis It was first on OilVoice at 23th of May 2016, Porter’s Five Forces framework is one useful strategic tool to evaluate potential opportunities and threats/risks for the oil and gas industry. The five key factors of this model are: Competitive rivalry Threat of New Entrants Threat of Substitutes Bargaining Power of Buyers Bargaining… [read more]

PEST Analysis for Global Oil and Gas Companies Operations

By Athanasios Pitatzis  It was first on OilVoice at 9th of May 2016, The evaluation of PEST Analysis involves the Political, the Economic, the Social – Culture and the Technological environment in which an oil and gas company operates. Political Factors The threats for the business of oil and gas companies which are influenced by political… [read more]

Global LNG Market: Trends and Future Outlook

This article was first published in the Spring Edition of International Petroleum Student Magazine YoungPetro, on Pages 23-27 By Athanasios Pitatzis The global low LNG prices of the last two years have created a significant challenging business environment for many LNG exports projects. Current and future global LNG demand seems very gloomy. According to the recent… [read more]

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