23 May 2016

  • Porter’s Five Forces Model for Oil and Gas Industry

    By Athanasios Pitatzis It was first on OilVoice at 23th of May 2016, http://www.oilvoice.com/n/Porters-Five-Forces-Model-for-the-Oil-Gas-Industry/c56bd619b3de.aspx Porter’s Five Forces framework is one useful strategic tool to evaluate potential opportunities and threats/risks for the oil and gas industry. The five key factors of this model are: Competitive rivalry Threat of New Entrants Threat of Substitutes Bargaining Power of Buyers Bargaining… [read more]

  • PEST Analysis for Global Oil and Gas Companies Operations

    By Athanasios Pitatzis  It was first on OilVoice at 9th of May 2016, http://www.oilvoice.com/n/PEST-Analysis-for-global-oil-and-gas-companies-operations/07720ffeec07.aspx The evaluation of PEST Analysis involves the Political, the Economic, the Social – Culture and the Technological environment in which an oil and gas company operates. Political Factors The threats for the business of oil and gas companies which are influenced by political… [read more]

  • Global LNG Market: Trends and Future Outlook

    This article was first published in the Spring Edition of International Petroleum Student Magazine YoungPetro, http://issuu.com/youngpetroart/docs/24.04-youngpetro-spring17-internet-/1?e=6136758/35254700 on Pages 23-27 By Athanasios Pitatzis The global low LNG prices of the last two years have created a significant challenging business environment for many LNG exports projects. Current and future global LNG demand seems very gloomy. According to the recent… [read more]

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